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A regular light dusting with a Swifter or feather duster will keep your mounts clean. Avoid the use of cleaning chemicals as some chemicals may be harmful to your mounts. Dusting chemicals can leave a residue that will attract more dust and only make your mount dirtier in time.

Avoid placing mounts directly over fireplaces, air conditioner registers, and heaters. Also avoid direct sunlight. Avoid kitchens, as well. Any place with excess heat or moisture should be avoided as well.

Not comfortable cleaning your older mounts? Allow me to quote you a price for a proper cleaning and refurbish. Are your mounts beyond cleaning? I have access to all game animals capes, skins, etc. I can do a remount for you with your antlers or horns and a new cape or skin.


Once you have harvested you animal, your duties don't end there. In order to achieve the best possible mount you must take proper care of the animal. Below are some general rules. I will offer instruction for those interested. Check back soon for game care videos

Big Game
For shoulder mounts, allow plenty of hide. Avoid neck and head shots if possible. Avoid dragging animals as it will damage the hair. Try to keep the animal as clean as possible. Avoid excess water and heat. Do not hang animals by the hind legs. Click here for a printable guide.

Whole Mount/Life-size Small Mammals
Do not field dress animals. Take them to your taxidermist as soon as possible. If that isn't possible, freeze them as soon as possible. The ears and feet are the first things to freezer burn. For that reason, double bagging the animal prior to freezing is very important.

Fish should be brought to your taxidermist as soon as possible. If that isn't possible wrap them in a wet towel and freeze in a plastic bag. Try to keep them as straight as possible and remember that the tail will be fragile.

Birds should be frozen in plastic bags. Avoid wrapping the head and feet in paper. This speeds up the freezer freezer burning. Wiping blood from the bird prior to freezing is also a good practice.

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